From The War in Afghanistan to the Ron Paul Revolution

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Note from Elias Alias: Oath Keepers does not customarily publish testimonials in the “Featured” section of our site, but I am making an exception with this particular one. Oath Keepers received this testimonial from Adam G. House and it came to us with a link to an outstanding article published by Adam House at CVRP – Combat Veterans for Ron Paul. I have reprinted the article from CVRP below Adam’s testimonial here. Neither Adam’s testimonial nor the article at CVRP constitute a political endorsement by Oath Keepers, but rather, each is a heart-felt statement, straight and true, of wisdom registered in the heart and mind of this combat veteran. I’d like to personally thank Adam House for taking time to share this with us here.

Adam G. House

Adam G. House

Testimonial: The heroes of the American Revolution were called the Sons of Liberty. The Constitution was drafted to Secure the Blessings of Liberty from potential threat of the types of government power over which the Revolution was fought. “LIBERTY!” is still the cry of the Patriot today. The Founding Fathers would be ashamed of our present form of unconstitutional and oppressive government. Thomas Jefferson thought we might have to have a revolution once about every 20 years or so just to keep the government in check.

The spirit of liberty is a wildfire which can break out all over this country at any time. It’s up to the modern day “Sons of Liberty” to be vigilant citizens. Some things are not up for grabs for our government to take from us, after such a lofty price was paid for those liberties.

It’s time Americans demand a return to the Constitution by this illegal government. After the Republican Primary debate held on Tuesday the 22nd of Nov., is there any doubt left that all the Republican Presidential candidates [except] one will expand the size, scope, and power of government in every part of our lives? We MUST stand for our God-given Natural Rights for which we fought a Revolution and drafted a Constitution. We must stand with RON PAUL 4 LIBERTY!

Combat Veterans for Ron Paul

Combat Veterans for Ron Paul

In May of 2007, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team deployed to the Konar Province of Afghanistan. The 2/503rd Infantry Battalion occupied the Pesche River Valley, which is the mountainous tribal region along the Pakistani border where the Russian military was pushed out in the 1980’s. I was an active duty soldier who served there until our deployment ended in August of 2008. While we were there, ABC’s “Nightline” ran a special about one of our platoons, calling the area “the most dangerous place on Earth.” The White House and DOD (Department of Defense) publicly proclaimed that we were at the tip of the spear of the Afghanistan campaign in the “War on Terror.” During this deployment, our Unit dropped more ordnance than any other unit in any other area in Iraq or Afghanistan. Journalist Tim Hetherington of Vanity Fair covered part of our experience which led to the Oscar-nominated documentary, “Restrepo.” Tim would later be killed covering the U.S. intervention into Lybia. Many of the soldiers he covered would come home to find that they had been so affected by combat experiences, they could no longer function as average members of society. Many would go back to Afghanistan again, or to Iraq… again. Some of them had already been to both… again… and again… and again. Some would choose to take their own lives. I came home with a combat-related disability and was honorably discharged via medical retirement. American forces were pulled out of the Korengal Valley in 2010. That whole region of Afghanistan is still in chaos as of this writing.

When I joined the Army, I took an Oath; I took it seriously and I would readily take it again. Serving the Constitution has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I believe in the Constitution, the ideas which led to its inception, and the principles for which it still reminds us to stand today. The Framers of our Republic knew the dangers of a perpetual Warfare State and advocated free trade with all and entanglements with none. They understood that war breaks down the moral fiber of a nation, which has both cultural and economic consequences. The Founding Fathers of our nation envisioned a population that would keep itself educated and vigilant about the danger of government overreach into any and all parts of individuals’ lives and affairs. If you don’t keep your rights secure, don’t be surprised when you no longer have any. Freedom is fragile, and liberty is losable. Passivity, complacency, disinterest, ignorance, and taking the Blessings of Liberty for granted are our enemies and the conditions which will sink any future for American greatness. Autodidacticism is the order of the day for conscientious citizens.

I’m supporting Ron Paul for the following reasons and many more, as well:

·Dr. Ron Paul is a pro-life obstetrician who has delivered thousands of babies.

·Texas Libertarian Republican Ron Paul is solidly behind the 2nd Amendment & the Rights it ensures.

·Vietnam era Veteran Air Force Flight Surgeon Dr. Ron Paul wants to finally end the wars & bring our troops home.

·Monetary Policy expert Ron Paul wants a full and transparent audit of the Federal Reserve Bank for an accounting of how the secret manipulation of taxpayers’ money was handled around TARP & the other bailouts.

·Limited government champion Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate advocating the elimination of five cabinet level departments of the federal government.

·Fiscal responsibility advocate Ron Paul has promised to balance the federal budget again before his 1st term in office expires.

·Rep. Ron Paul has a roughly thirty year record of being the most consistent vote in Congress regarding fidelity to the Constitution and the Rights, Freedoms, & Liberties it represents.

·Austrian Economics expert Ron Paul has the right capitalist vision for unleashing the free market engine of opportunity and potential for our posterity.

·Civil Liberties advocate Ron Paul would restrain the government’s policing power from asserting itself into non-violent private actions of peaceful people in their own homes.

As a concerned taxpaying American, a combat veteran who still fights for the Constitution, and a deeply convicted believer in individual human Liberty as a Natural (God-given) Right, I’m wholeheartedly supporting Ron Paul for President of the United States in 2012 and would sincerely implore you to do the same. I would appreciate if you would join me in VOTING FOR RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT in 2012!

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