SMi is Moving Hosts Again

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Yes, as the headline states, we will most definitely be moving to a new server based in Europe. Well, there’s only a few things that really bother us about our current host. The first and most important one is certainly the fact that the pages seem to be loading slowly to the point that pages and even the database server itself sometimes times out.

The next important reason is that we simply prefer using CPanel over the alternatives. That’s simply because before we had moved from our original paid host that we had been using since 2004. It was only a few months ago that we had cancelled that account and switched to free hosting. Unfortunately, this host doesn’t have CPanel.

Of course, almost instantly, the free server ( we had been testing and moving our databases and files over to stopped working altogether without any warning whatsoever. We also lost our databases that we had forgotten to backup prior to importing them to said free server.

So now, opening this host gave us the chance to essentially re-open the blog so we could move it in the new direction its currently going in while having at least something built that should be worth backing up for moving to a new free server that has CPanel.

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