Protest AG Holder’s Appearance at LBJ Library in Austin

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Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, who claims to have a faulty memory about Operation Fast and Furious, the effort to arm murderous Mexican drug cartels, will be in Austin, Texas, tomorrow, December 13.

photoThe LBJ Library and Museum in Austin, Texas.

Holder will “deliver remarks” at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library & Museum. He will discuss “the importance of ensuring equal access to the ballot box and strengthening America’s long tradition of expanding the franchise,” according to a press release.

Holder’s appearance deserves a response from the liberty activism community in Austin.

As deputy AG in the Clinton administration, Holder was onboard in 1993 when the federal government incinerated seventy-six people at Waco, including more than 20 children and two pregnant women.

Holder had earlier recused himself after an initial investigation uncovered evidence of a coverup and other potential crimes by federal agents following the incident at Ruby Ridge. In that incident, government snipers had been given military rules of engagement that contradicted standard FBI deadly force policy, resulting in the murder of former Green Beret Randy Weaver’s son and wife. The government said Weaver was a “separatist” and “white supremacist” in an effort to minimize its murderous behavior.

He was involved in Clinton’s pardon of international commodities trader Marc Rich who was accused of illegally making oil deals with Iran during the late 1970s-early 1980s Iran hostage crisis and tax evasion. Rich was let off the hook because his former wife made large donations to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Library during Clinton’s tenure. It was later alleged that Rich avoided prosecution because he was connected to Israeli intelligence. Holder would later express regret over the Rich pardon.

Following the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, Holder advocated “reasonable restrictions, reasonable regulations in how people interact on the internet” and said the Supreme Court should look at rolling back the First Amendment. He is also in favor of implementing hate crime legislation.

According to Holder, due to the “threats we now face,” Miranda rights should be modified. “We’re now dealing with international terrorism. … I think we have to give serious consideration to at least modifying that public-safety exception [to the Miranda protections],” he told ABC News in May, 2010.

He recently used the ATF’s Fast and Furious to place the blame for the bankster funded drug cartels on the Second Amendment.

In November, Holder criticized legal challenges to the government’s attempts to regulate gun shops in four border states. He also attacked members of Congress who voted to block what he described as this “critical” regulation in combating arms trafficking, despite the fact it is now well-known that it was the federal government that “walked” the firearms to the cartels, not gun dealers in the United States.

It was reported today by The Daily Caller that emails to and from Holder about Operation Fast and Furious may exist, and that he’s refusing to provide them to Congress

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