17 Things About Men That Most Women Don’t Know

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Source: endoftheamericandream.com

17 Things About MenDo you feel like you truly understand men?  Much has been written about how men don’t understand women, but the truth is that there is a whole lot about men that women don’t understand as well.  The point is not to spark a debate about “the battle of the sexes” or anything like that.  Rather, it is important for all of us to understand that there is a tremendous amount of confusion about what it means “to be a man” in America today.  So many of our young men seem lost, so many of our older men seem defeated and depressed, and all over this country families are completely falling apart.  We need to understand our problems so that we can start focusing on solutions.  Below, I have shared 17 things about men that most women don’t know.  Some of them are funny, some of them are quite interesting and some of them are extremely serious.  But all of them say something about where we are as a society today…

#1 When women age, they tend to become attracted to older men.  For example, one study found that 20-year-old women are most attracted to 23-year-old men and 50-year-old women are most attracted to 46-year-old men.  But the same is not true when we look at men.  That same study found that 20-year-old men are most attracted to 20-year-old women and 50-year-old men are most attracted to 22-year-old women.

Internet of Money Provides More Reasons to Consider Strategic Asset Protection

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Source: thedailybell.com

Here Comes the Internet of Money … Paul Volcker, the acclaimed former chairman of the Federal Reserve, famously questioned the value of financial innovation. He said he saw the point of the automated teller machine (“more of a mechanical innovation than a financial one”), but that was about it. Financial innovation was an unproductive competition for excess profit and a cause of instability. – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: The Internet of Money is a tremendous innovation.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve noticed a new meme creeping into economic reports: The Internet of Money.

This phrase sounds mysterious and forward looking; in fact, it describes the process of money migrating to non-bank platforms.

The big drama inherent in the Internet of Money is its disintermediation of banks. But in fact, it does no such thing. What it will do, and is already doing, is undermining what´s left of monetary privacy.

19 Very Surprising Facts About The Messed Up State Of The U.S. Economy

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Source: theeconomiccollapseblog.com

19 - Public DomainBarack Obama and the Federal Reserve are lying to you.  The “economic recovery” that we all keep hearing about is mostly just a mirage.  The percentage of Americans that are employed has barely budged since the depths of the last recession, the labor force participation rate is at a 36 year low, the overall rate of homeownership is the lowest that it has been in nearly 20 years and approximately 49 percent of all Americans are financially dependent on the government at this point.  In a recent article, I shared 12 charts that clearly demonstrate the permanent damage that has been done to our economy over the last decade.  The response to that article was very strong.  Many people were quite upset to learn that they were not being told the truth by our politicians and by the mainstream media.  Sadly, the vast majority of Americans still have absolutely no idea what is being done to our economy.  For those out there that still believe that we are doing “just fine”, here are 19 more facts about the messed up state of the U.S. economy…

#1 After accounting for inflation, median household income in the United States is 8 percent lower than it was when the last recession started in 2007.

Former CIA Insider: Obama’s Ebola Failure is Criminal Neglect

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Source: infowars.com

President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) incompetent to the point of impeachability.

14 California communities now on verge of waterless-ness; mass migration out of California seems imminent

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Source: naturalnews.com

Unless California gets some heavy rain, and soon, the state’s roughly 38 million residents will eventually be up a creek without a paddle — or without a creek, for that matter. The latest media reports indicate that some 14 communities throughout the state are now on the verge of running completely dry, and many more could join them in the coming year if conditions remain as they are.

A few months ago, the official count was 28 communities bordering on complete waterless-ness, according to the Water Resources Control Board. Those that have since dropped off the list were able to come up with a fix, at least for now. The other 14, though, face an unprecedented resource collapse that could leave thousands of Californians with no other choice but to pack their bags and head to greener pastures.

“It’s a sign of how severe this drought is,” verbalized Bruce Burton, an assistant deputy director for the board, to the Los Angeles Times about some of the drastic measures being taken. For the first time ever, the water board has begun tracking communities throughout the state that are bordering on complete water loss, a situation that has never before occurred.

Most of the communities on the brink are located in California’s Central Valley, the “food basket” of America that The New York Times (NYT) once declared to be the nation’s greatest food resource. Most of America’s carrots are grown there, as are the bulk of salad greens, almonds and citrus fruits that we all take for granted — but that could soon disappear due to the continued drought.

UN Security Council Adds More Tyrants

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Source: thenewamerican.com

As the socialist rulers of Venezuela continue their brutal crackdown on the increasingly outraged and economically destitute population, United Nations member governments — including a majority of the European Union — overwhelmingly selected Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro’s regime to join other unsavory regimes and dictatorships on the UN Security Council. Also appointed to sit on the powerful 15-member council, which purports to have the authority to deploy UN “peace” troops around the world to enforce its decrees, was the longtime Marxist-Leninist regime ruling Angola.

Critics expressed outrage at the developments, with one UN watchdog and human-rights group saying that putting Venezuela’s government on the global body was tantamount to installing a pyromaniac as fire chief. Ironically, the UN is currently demanding that Caracas release opposition leader Leopoldo López and some 70 other political prisoners. “The prolonged and arbitrary detention of political opponents and protesters in Venezuela is causing more and more international concern,” said UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein this week. Rather than releasing its captives, however, Caracas was celebrating its appointment to the UN Security Council.

Indeed, Maduro and his regime were hardly alone in applauding the news as a great success — Marxists and tyrants of various varieties from around the world celebrated Caracas’ newfound legitimacy. The Castro-backed communist terrorist group-turned government of El Salvador, for example — a regime currently being showered with U.S. taxpayer funds by the Obama administration and with “petrodollars” from Venezuela’s Maduro — said the vote showed approval by the “international community” of Caracas’ machinations in building a “multi-polar” world order. “We are delighted by the immense support received by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” the FMLN Political Commission said.

Maduro himself, speaking via government-run propaganda organs, said the UN vote represented “global ratification” of his regime’s ongoing “socialist revolution” in Venezuela — a revolution that has witnessed brutal political repression, widespread expropriation of private property, arbitrary arrests of opposition figures and judges, a shutting down of free speech and freedom of the press, shortages of basic goods, and the rapid implosion of the oil-rich nation’s once prosperous economy. “The voice of Venezuela has been recognized, despite the pressures, the persecution, and the blackmail,” the strongman declared, adding that “181 countries [governments] said to Venezuela, ‘here we are, we support you’.”

The Pentagon Will Use 30 Person “Quick-Strike Team” To Deal With Domestic Ebola Patients

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Source: oathkeepers.org

This article was originally published at Zero Hedge

President Obama may have been busy golfing this weekend, and his brand new Ebola Czar may have had more pressing matters to attend than the White House’s Saturday evening meeting on the US “response to domestic Ebola cases” (because clearly the Ebola Czar is superfluous at such Ebola-related events), but that doesn’t mean that the administration will once again be caught with its pants down the next time an Ebola index patient is unveiled on US soil. Nope.

In taking a page right out of America’s response to the Ebola pandemic in… West Africa, where the US has dispatched several thousands troops to do, something, unclear what, earlier today, it was revealed that the U.S. military is forming a 30-person “quick-strike team”, which according to CNN is “equipped to provide direct treatment to Ebola patients inside the United States, a Defense Department official told CNN’s Barbara Starr on Sunday.”

From CNN:

The team will be under orders to deploy within 72 hours at any time over the next month, the official said. The Department of Health and Human Services requested the military team, and the Pentagon has given verbal approval, the official said.

The team will include five doctors, 20 nurses and five trainers, Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said in a statement.

The Pentagon has been working to determine what assistance it could offer the civilian health care sector following a White House meeting last week during which President Barack Obama said he wanted a more aggressive response, according to two Defense officials.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered chief of the Northern Command, Gen. Chuck Jacoby, “to prepare and train a 30-person expeditionary medical support team that could, if required, provide short-notice assistance to civilian medical professionals in the United States,” Kirby said.

Jacoby is already working with the military on the joint team, Kirby said, and once formed, it will head to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for up to seven days of training in infection control and personal protective equipment. The training, provided by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, will begin “within the next week or so,” Kirby said.

The team will remain in “prepare-to-deploy” status for 30 days, he said. It will be able to respond anywhere in the U.S. if “deemed prudent by our public health professionals,” he said.

To summarize: the Pentagon, as in the US army, will provide direct treatment to Ebola patients.

So just how exactly is the US army’s crack 30-person “SWAT” team which has a whopping 5 doctors, more competent to deal to deal with what is, at last check, a medical situation than, say, America’s medical professionals? Or is, in the parlance of our times, where an “Iraq military advisor” really means crack commando fighting Syrian troops on the ground on behalf of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, “direct treatment” merely a euphemism for something far less enjoyable?

For the partial answer to some of these questions, please read “Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely, and also “Obama Mobilizes National Guard, Army Reserves To Fight Ebola” – they serve as a good starting point for where all of this is ultimately headed.

biohazard soldiers

Weed-friendly Colorado considers ban against edibles

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Source: rt.com

State health officials in Colorado are considering rules that would remove marijuana-infused edibles from the shelves of retail shops where pot products have legally been available to adults since the start of the year.

Now nearly 11 months after the United States saw the longstanding federal prohibition against weed challenged in Colorado with the opening of state-sanctioned retail shops in compliance with the passage of a first-of-its-kind law, Amendment 64, regulators in the Rocky Mountain State are pursuing possible changes.

Colorado law currently allows adults to legally purchase marijuana and products made with the plant’s potent chemical, THC, but the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment says rules need to be put in place limiting what types of edibles are made available.

Many forms of edible marijuana “are naturally attractive to children,” the department argues, according to the Associated Press, and thus in violation of the law’s “requirement to prevent the marketing of marijuana products to children.”

The AP reported on Monday this week that state regulators say this problem could be overcome if new rules are adopted mandating that edible marijuana products are packaged in such a manner that won’t make them resemble other items that are absent THC. In doing so, however, it’s possible that the majority of edibles currently available will soon become contraband.

Republican under 24/7 guard after ISIS threat

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Source: wnd.com

WASHINGTON – The danger posed by ISIS to Americans has come to the homeland for Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and a national publication may be making the ominous threat even worse.

Politico has reported federal officials are taking an online threat to the congresswoman so seriously she in now under 24-hour protection by a security detail.

However, Politico may be adding fuel to the fire by incorrectly reporting that the congresswoman had called on President Obama to declare war on Islam.

“Bachmann has been publicly critical of not only ISIL, but also Islam, calling on President Obama to declare war on the religion during a speech at the conservative Value Voters Summit at the end of September,” reported Politico.

The political website appears to have taken the remarks, particularly the word “war,” greatly out of context.

Fury Over Food: Advantage to the Small-Farm, ‘Natural’ Foods Models?

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Source: thedailybell.com

October 16th was “World Food Day.” Perhaps you missed it, but certainly for those directly involved, it’s a contentious holiday – with two well funded farming models facing off with each other. In this article I want to show how a “third way” is one that may win out despite its lack of publicity.

Let’s begin with the first two farming models. In the 20th century, criticisms of globalist memes were often ignored or, if necessary, isolated and mocked. In the 21st century, there is the Internet to contend with. Thus, those who would like to see an increasingly internationalist society have relied on a dialectical formula that controls both sides of the argument.

Debate is polarized and arguments crystallized. Dialogue is then engaged and a synthesis is achieved that allows both sides of the controlled debate to agree. Once this happens, the debate is declared closed by public figures and any further attempt to reengage is portrayed by the mainstream media as unconstructive and unprogressive. This is what’s currently going on with food.

“Food” has come in for this treatment because it is a staple of survival and is yet inequitably distributed throughout the globe. Of course, there are reasons. But first let’s examine World Food Day itself – how it’s implemented and why it has generated (purposeful) opposition.