VIDEO: Will Julian Assange be Assassinated?

by Source: Is the Wikileaks founder the next victim of the Clinton body count? Is he telegraphing his concerns about being targeted via a series of strange tweets? Or is this just one giant conspiracy theory? Find out by watching the video and please share it!

Anti-Trump Letter Backfires As Trump Skewers GOP Warmongers

by Source: Neocons, globalists, and warmongers representing the establishment wing of the Republican Party attacked GOP presidential contender Donald Trump in an open letter this week, suggesting he would be “dangerous.” Ironically, many of the signatories have been involved in war crimes, launching illegal wars, lying to America, extrajudicial assassinations, and other lawless terror, […]

LA police shot 14yo boy, said he ‘had a gun’

by Source: Police in Los Angeles, California shot and killed a teenager after officers said he “pulled out a handgun” during a foot chase. Though the suspect was initially described as a male in his 20s, the coroner later identified him as a boy of 14. LA Police Department gang enforcement officers “engaged in […]

Emails now link Hillary’s official action to payment to Bill

by Source: Do some of the newly uncovered emails involving Hillary Clinton’s tenure as U.S. secretary of state connect her actions as a federal official with a $500,000 payment to her husband, Bill Clinton? The Daily Caller News Foundation reported communications obtained by Citizens United, an activist group that is the lead plaintiff in several Freedom […]

Staggering Corruption at Pentagon Reveals NATO/NASA Lie at Heart of Fedgov

by Source: Sailors And Marines Can Officially Declare They Are Transgenders This Fall  …  Before declaring transgender status, these service-members have to be at the start, in the middle of, or finished transitioning. Only then will they be able to ask for a formal gender switch in the database system, Navy Times reports. –Daily […]