Italy’s Renzi, a Charismatic Technocrat and Internationalist


Matteo Renzi is on a roll. The Italian prime minister is a brilliant politician. His youthful dynamism has bought him time with his people, the markets and the European Union to carry out the immense job of reforming Italy. But he has yet to show he can execute. He now needs to, because even his time will run out. Renzi has had a good four months in the job after he pushed aside his predecessor Enrico Letta. His emphatic victory in the European Parliament elections gave him a legitimacy that the murky manner of his ascension lacked. He is in the astonishing position of dominating not just the left of Italian politics, from which he comes, but also the centre – as well as being popular with the right. The latter is in disarray as Silvio Berlusconi’s career has disintegrated. Meanwhile, Renzi has managed the feat of portraying himself as anti-system, despite being prime minister. This has undercut the appeal of Beppe Grillo’s protest movement. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Finally, a leader the Italians can count on to properly rationalize the EU and Italy’s place in it.

Free-Market Analysis: Oh, boy … Renzi!

Here is a modern technocrat and a darling of Reuters. Let’s see what his esteemed qualities can tell us about the globalist agenda generally. This article, unlike most, seems to make it fairly clear.
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Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere


Financial Bubbles - Public DomainIs there any doubt that we are living in a bubble economy?  At this moment in the United States we are simultaneously experiencing a stock market bubble, a government debt bubble, a corporate bond bubble, a bubble in San Francisco real estate, a farmland bubble, a derivatives bubble and a student loan debt bubble.  And of course similar things could be said about most of the rest of the planet as well.  In fact, the total amount of government debt around the world has risen by about 40 percent just since the last recession.  But it is never sustainable when asset prices and debt levels increase much faster than the overall level of economic growth.  History has shown us that all financial bubbles eventually burst.  And when these current financial bubbles in America burst, the pain is going to be absolutely enormous.

You know that things are getting perilous when even the New York Times starts pointing out financial bubbles everywhere.  The following is a short excerpt from a recent NotQuant article

The New York Times points out that just about everything on Earth is expensive by historical standards.   And then asks the seemingly obvious question:  Does that make it a bubble?
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Feds Hijack Silk Road Case in Bid to Dismantle Internet


The federal government is preparing to use the case against alleged Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht as a trojan horse to eviscerate Internet freedoms and make website owners criminally responsible for their users’ actions, setting the precedent for chilling new laws that would drastically change the face of the world wide web.

Ulbricht is currently facing charges of narcotics trafficking, computer hacking, money laundering, and engaging in a criminal enterprise for his role in setting up Silk Road, an online marketplace that allowed users to buy goods anonymously, including illegal drugs, using bitcoin as a payment method. In October 2013, the FBI shut down Silk Road and arrested Ross Ulbricht.

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New organic turmeric liquid extract launched by Natural News Store: Laboratory validated as cleanest turmeric in the marketplace


The Natural News Store has just launched an amazing new certified organic turmeric liquid extract that’s laboratory validated to be the cleanest turmeric we’ve ever found in the industry. This turmeric is validated clean in both heavy metals and microbiology tests. This new source is a genuine breakthrough in turmeric raw materials that vastly surpasses the quality of everything else we’ve ever seen in the marketplace.

The problem with common turmeric

High-quality turmeric is VERY difficult to source. Nearly all sources of common turmeric suffer from two quality problems:

1) Common turmeric is usually very high in lead and other metals.
2) Common turmeric is usually contaminated with a high count of microbes.

These two problems — heavy metals and bacteria — have caused us to reject nearly all turmeric sources. For many months, we couldn’t find an available supply that met our strict quality standards, and we refuse to sell inferior quality turmeric tincture.

If you really want to purchase contaminated turmeric on the cheap, by the way, that’s easy: Just go to and buy it there. Amazon will gladly sell you all sorts of contaminated powders, herbs and supplements that are heavily tainted with toxic substances. And yes, I can publicly say this without fear because it is factually true and laboratory verified over and over again. Most of the heavily contaminated products shown in the Natural News Forensic Food Labs were purchased at It’s the single best place to purchase foods, herbs, supplements and superfoods that are heavily contaminated with toxic metals linked to cancer, heart damage, brain damage, kidney damage and liver damage. Go Amazon!
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Record Shows Decade of Cooling in U.S., Despite Warming Predictions


Climate change or not, the United States is still a pretty cool country — and getting cooler, according to temperature data of the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The readings show temperatures dropping throughout the United States over the past decade.

Nearly 10 years ago, the agency, in response to criticism that its temperature station readings had been skewed higher by poor sitings and questionable adjustments, set up temperature stations in pristine locations throughout the United States. Those stations, known collectively as the U.S. Climate Reference Network, have, a decade later, made the temperature readings available. The records show the United States has cooled by 0.4 degrees Celsius since the networks began operating in January 2005.

The news is not likely to spark a bull market in fur coats or igloos. A decline of 0.4 degrees is not a precipitous drop. And, as noted at by James Taylor, a frequent contributor on issues of energy and the environment, the data of 10 years does not necessarily indicate a long-term trend. But it does show a disconnect between predictions made by climate change theoreticians and what is actually happening here on Earth. Taylor notes, for example, the prophecy of “prominent alarmist” James Hansen, who as recently as 2010 declared, “Global warming on decadal time scales is continuing without letup … effectively illustrat[ing] the monotonic and substantial warming that is occurring on decadal time scales.”

The United States is, of course, a small part of the entire planet, but the findings of the U.S. Climate Reference Network add credence to the Remote Satellite Systems data showing no increase in temperatures worldwide since September 1996. According to the Climate Depot website, “The 213 months without global warming represent more than half the 425-month satellite data record since January 1979.” The record also refutes the claims of those who insist the planet is warming at a rate that poses an imminent and unceasing threat — a “monotonic” threat in Hansen’s word — to man and beast alike. “No one now in high school has lived through global warming,” Climate Depot noted.
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United Nations Pushes For Illegal Aliens To Be Called Refugees


This article, by the Associated Press, was found at

By Associated Press July 8, 2014 11:55 am

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — United Nations officials are pushing for many of the Central Americans fleeing to the U.S. to be treated as refugees displaced by armed conflict, a designation meant to increase pressure on the United States and Mexico to accept tens of thousands of people currently ineligible for asylum.Officials with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees say they hope to see movement toward a regional agreement on that status Thursday when migration and interior department representatives from the U.S., Mexico, and Central America meet in Nicaragua. The group will discuss updating a 30-year-old declaration regarding the obligations nations have to aid refugees.

While such a resolution would lack any legal weight, the agency said it believes “the U.S. and Mexico should recognize that this is a refugee situation, which implies that they shouldn’t be automatically sent to their home countries but rather receive international protection.”

Most of the people widely considered to be refugees by the international community are fleeing more traditional political or ethnic conflicts like those in Syria or the Sudan. Central Americans would be among the first modern migrants considered refugees because they are fleeing violence and extortion at the hands of criminal gangs.
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Senate committee passes CISA cybersecurity bill that could broaden NSA powers


New cybersecurity legislation cleared the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday during a closed session. Critics fear it may broaden the NSA’s already formidable access to Americans’ data.

Written by Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), CISA – or Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act – is widely seen as a redux of last year’s CISPA bill, which was widely protested by online privacy watchdogs and ultimately defeated in Congress.

A draft of the bill circulated in June granted permission by government agencies to retain and share data for “a cybersecurity purpose,” which was defined as “the purpose of protecting an information system or information that is stored on, processed by or transiting an information system from a cybersecurity threat or security vulnerability.” According to the Guardian, that language would likely lead the NSA to stockpile weaknesses in digital security.

The legislation, which was approved by the committee by a vote of 12 to 3, would allow private firms to share information regarding cyber-attacks “in real time.” It would also shield those firms from lawsuits by individuals against those companies for sharing data with each other, and with the US government, regardless of terms of service contracts that may prevent such actions without a customer’s consent.
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TV station blasted in cop-killing case


An Indianapolis television station, under fire for giving a media platform to the family of a man suspected of killing a police officer, is defending its actions as being part of a “balanced” covered of “both sides of the story.”

“We have received numerous comments about a story we covered on Sunday involving the family of Major Davis Jr., the accused killer of Officer Renn,” wrote WISH-TV News Director Steve Bray.

“As a news organization, we provide balanced coverage and both sides of the story. Our obligation to you is to cover every angle of a story. That obligation unfortunately, at times, includes uncomfortable subjects or comments that are difficult to hear, or even make you angry.”

The story in question was an interview with family members of Davis. He’s suspected of shooting and killing Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Perry Renn.
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Is the Level of Economic Illiteracy Among the West’s Top Thinkers Deliberate?


MF’s Lagarde hints at world growth forecast cut … Global economic activity should strengthen in the second half of the year and accelerate in 2015, although momentum could be weaker than expected, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said on Sunday, hinting at a slight cut in the Fund’s growth forecasts. Lagarde said central banks’ accommodative policies may have only limited impact on demand and that countries should boost growth by investing in infrastructure, education and health, provided their debt stays sustainable. The IMF’s update of its global economic outlook, expected later this month, will be “very slightly different” from the forecasts published in April, she said. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Public funding of the private economy is more necessary than ever now.

Free-Market Analysis: Amazing. Ms. Lagarde regards the stagnating economy worldwide and advises … more government involvement.

Reuters and other major media pick up her speech and report it without any further commentary. And thus we understand the following: The global economy is weak for the sixth year in a row but if governments increase their level of “investing” things should get better.
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Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens?


Barack Obama SmilesFor years, the Obama administration has been making it abundantly clear that it is a friend of illegal immigrants.  Border security is a joke, the federal government refuses to go after “sanctuary cities” even though they are breaking federal law, there is a website that instructs immigrants how to sign up for welfare programs once they arrive in the United States, and the Obama administration has distributed flyers that tell illegal immigrants that their immigration status will not be checked when they apply for food stamps.  And Obama has even instructed officials to use “prosecutorial discretion” in deportation cases involving non-criminals.  In other words, Obama has been flashing a huge green light to illegal immigrants, and so of course our borders were going to be inundated with them.

Apologists for the Obama administration will debate you all day about what Obama “intended” and what he didn’t “intend”, but there is no doubt about what message immigrants from Central America have been receiving.

For example, one young mother recently told the press that she heard that if you “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away“.
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